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Goshi comics museum (old Nishi-Goshi hometown museum)

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◇Cube zone


Daily admission ticket

Annual passport

 Adult, university student

300 yen

         1,500 yen

 Junior high school, high school student

100 yen

500 yen

 Primary schoolchild or younger

Free of charge

Free of charge 


◇Free zone
  Free of charge


  Japanese comics which are interested in which it is read by people of wide generation, and are expensive abroad for more than half a century.

 In Goshi comics museum "let's read comics!  Let's watch!  Let's learn! About 15,000 comics until - present are free to read in the 1960s when it stores about 70,000 books including valuable comics information about satire comics of the Meiji period, book for lending comics and modern book for password and picked "from that!

 Child can meet interesting comics of all ages and countries and we respect role as history of past area and museum which told in local history and can learn history and culture of Goshi and Kumamoto from comics that adult feels nostalgic for those days by comics.


The comics museum room


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